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In Cape Town, Urban Design Reduces Violence (“Urbanized” topic)

05/01/2014 by Jared Green

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Place : Khayelitsha, South Africa

Type/subject/tags : Urban design project

One legacy of South Africa’s fragmented, racially-segregated society has been incredible violence. To change that story, the city of Cape Town and the German Development Bank are harnessing the power of design. Through an inventive program, Violence Prevention through Urban Upgrading (VPUU), these players and many local non-profits are transforming Khayelitsha, one of the most dangerous townships in South Africa, into a safer, more livable place. […]




Enrique Peñalosa : Why buses represent democracy in action (“Urbanized” topic)

Place : Bogota, Colombia

Type/subject/tags : TED talk

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“An advanced city is not one where even the poor use cars, but rather one where even the rich use public transport,” argues Enrique Peñalosa. In this spirited talk, the mayor of Bogotá shares some of the tactics he used to change the transportation dynamic in the Colombian capital… and suggests ways to think about building smart cities of the future.”