Cycling in Copenhagen

Bildschirmfoto 2015-10-25 um 21.27.07Bildschirmfoto 2015-10-25 um 21.27.21
when i was in copenhagen last year, i was completely enthusiastic about the big roads in the whole city only for cyclists. Of course, we rented bikes and explored the whole city by bike. It was very fun and it was also no problem for our big group to stay together because of this big roads everywhere. Sometimes, there are so many cyclists, you have the feeling of being on a highway.
i really like the idea to be safe on your bike and not forced to ride on the street next to the cars. Although in my hometown, Berlin, there are a lot of bikeways and also a lot of people riding their bikes, but it is way too less safe. Sometimes there is no designated way for bicyclists and you have to ride on the street.
A bicycle-friendly city is a city with more space, less noise, cleaner air, healthier citizens and a better economy. It’s a city that is a nicer place to be in and where individuals have a higher quality of life.

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