Detroit – Community Garden + Bicycle City

Place: Detroit

Type/Subject/Tags: Urban Gardening, Start-ups

Detroit is a huge city, where more and more companys and people moving away. It was necessary to find new ways for economy and also urban living.

One project is “Georgia Street Community Garden”, which was started by Mark Covington. Besides his project there are several similar ones.

After cleaning up empty lots in Detroit he started a community garden there. The idea came up that revitalizing the neighborhood like that can also help the youth of the neighborhood, bring business to the area etc.

Now, also an educational component was added to the garden by using the garden as a way to mentor students. Moreover the corner store will be refurbished and turned into a community center.


Besides urban gardening projects, there are several projects in Detroit invented by artists or entrepreneurs. One idea is to turn the former “motor city” into a “bike city”. For example “Detroit Bikes” produce up to 100 simple bicycles for every day per day – all of it “made in Detroit”.

But also events like “Critical Mass” or “Tour de Troit” are happening in Detroit now.



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