Duomo Cathedral, Italian Street

The place: Wuhan, Hubei, China

Type/ subject/ tags: Building, Urban planning

20140512_105229 20140512_111128

Being the most populous city in central China, Wuhan has a population of slightly more than 10 million. The city’s location on the intersection of Yangtze and Han rivers made the it an important place as a transportation hub and an industry area, causing its population to grow rapidly since the 19th century along with its economy. Lots of new housing projects –mostly high-rise ones- are being built both in the central and peripheral areas of the city in forms of gentrification or transformation (agricultural lands to huge scale projects).

The Italian street just on the east end of Wuhan Optical Valley and on the south of promising Huazhong University of Science and Technology is one of the highly anticipated projects including high class shopping stores located inside European style old buildings. A cathedral, (Duomo Cathedral) is also included in the project which was built in 2012. For an observer on the street it is a cathedral with all the necessary elements but its intended function is to comfort the shoppers by providing them with restrooms, seating elements. A projected screen showing commercials all day and famous paintings from renascence on the walls are arranged to keep the visitors occupied, while they are resting.


Youtube video: Temple of consumerism – Italian street Wuchang China

China Daily


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