Houtan Park

The place: Shanghai, China

Type/ subject/ tags: Public Space, Pollution, Urbanism

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          The project Houtan Park, designed by famous Chinese urban planning firm Turenscape, lies on an area of 14 hectares on the bank of Huangpu River, which was subjected to heavy pollution generated by industrial activities and population. The site represents the crisis of mass scale pollution in China, which became a widely recognized issue among public after the famous photos of Beijing’s, showing the city’s poor air quality. More than half of the Chinas soils are polluted by heavy industrial activity and the problem seems to be growing. For this reason Turenscape firm was asked by the officials to transform a part of the riverbank into a bioremediation zone, which would not only clean a part of the river water every day but also would rehabilitate the soil on the area –figure 3 shows the mutated daisies, which can be seen on the park frequently-. The water pumped up to the elevated side of the park is channeled through the rest of the park by the artificially created slope.

The project gained wide recognition after its completion prior to the 2010 Shanghai expo.


Turenscape:Shanghai Houtan Park


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