“I Wish This Was……” / URBANIZED

from New Orleans, Louisiana

i-wish-this-was-brad-pitts-house i-wish-this-was-properly-paved

“I Wish This Was” is a project created by a public artist Candy Chang in New Orleans. Chung, sticks “I wish this was….” stickers on forsaken buildings and lets people imagine, think and share their thoughts, dreams and fantasies about this places.

The aim of the project is to discover the ways of civic engegement. This is a good project that allows all the people get heard especially the locals who are living here and using this environment every day and in some way it works as a public survey when it is about considering the future or current situations of this places.  I like the way that Candy Chang shares the downloadable “sticker files” on internet and supports people to use them.




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