NORTH AMERICA/ Chicago, United States

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“SOILED” is a periodical architecture magazine founded by young professions in 2011, in Chicago. They are discussing the current architectural issues by architectural stories in a fictional way of expression and trying to feature what the world “could be” rather than “should be”.

According to their website the team describe the magazine as “SOILED is a periodical of architectural stories that makes a mess of the built environment and the politics of space. Our stories are unexpected, accessible, and they instigate mischief! This means a close and serious—and sometimes humorous—examination of the mundane and in-between spaces we inhabit or traverse on a daily basis; a license to boldly, creatively, and irreverently challenge conventional architectural interventions and interpretations. Rather than imagining what the world should be, SOILED delights in envisioning what the world could be. We believe that by intensifying the fictive and storytelling potential in architecture, we might engage a broader public in architectural ideas from discourse to action.”

Type/Subject: Architecture Magazine

Tags: politics, technology, built environment



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