“Urbinized” Stuttgart 21 |Germany

Place: Stuttgart, Germany

Type/ Subject/ Tags: Urban project, protest

Gegner des Bahnprojekts Stuttgart 21 halten am Freitag (03.09.2010) in Stuttgart ein Transparent mit der durchgestrichenen Aufschrift

Policemen remove protestors from a park next to the Stuttgart train station, during a protest where several thousand people rallied against the demolition of the station and park to make way for the Stuttgart 21 underground railway station September 30, 2010. REUTERS/Michael Dalder (GERMANY - Tags: POLITICS CRIME LAW CIVIL UNREST)

Stuttgart 21 is a new railway and urban development project in this southwestern German city which costs around billions of euros. The construction process has started at 2010.

This project is critisized a lot because of the relative costs and benefits, geological and environmental concerns, as well as performance issues.  There are thousands of peoples who protests this movement against humanity and nature.

“How much could be done with this money, if it were be invested in providing jobs and services, by improving schools, nurseries, hospitals, public transport etc., instead of destroying what is already one of the most efficient railway stations in Germany?”

“The battle over the rebuilding of the central train station in Stuttgart, Germany, has escalated massively. Angela Merkel has pushed strongly for the project this week, and the harsh response by police to protesters could come back to haunt both the chancellor and her party.”

“More than 100 people were injured when their attempts to protect trees marked for felling for the €4.1bn project was broken up by police with water cannon and teargas in south-western Germany”

It reminds also the ‘Gezi Parkı’ protests in Istanbul in 2013 which is against to the eviction of an urban park to reconstruct a building complex which is handled by government without any reconstruction permit.







One thought on ““Urbinized” Stuttgart 21 |Germany

  1. Reblogged this on Architecture Today / Current Issues and commented:

    in 2011 there was the referendum in Baden-Württemberg, where Stuttgart is the provincial capital.
    Because I am a citizen of Baden-Württemberg, i was free to take part at this referendum, a election from the citizens of the state to continue the big project, or to cancel it.
    I remember a school trip in 2006 when we got presented the project from some politicians in Stuttgart. So from the beginning i was very informed, what is part of the plan and what are the consequences. A lot of people were bad informed and of course, some topics were just kept quiet to prevent people getting angry and against the project..
    the majority of the citizens support the S21-project, this was the result of the referendum in 2011.

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