“The Tidy Street Project” / URBANIZED

from Brighton, UK

This a domestic energy usage project created by Jon Bird from Open University, which took place on a street called “Tidy Street” in Brighton, UK in April, 2011. It was a collaborative work with the households. Their energy consumptions were recorded each day, and by the infographics of the graffiti artist Snub, the data was painted on streets becoming a public display; and every week participants of the project was able to add a new comparative line to compare their electricity usage with another regions or countries. In the documantary “Urbanized” there are interviews which were made with the householders. The participants were given meters by which they could measure their daily electricity usage and they were also able to identify which devices use the most energy.

They all seem very interested, sensetive and pleased about the project in documentary. In my opinion, this is a really attractive way to get people involved in such social awareness issues and really succesful way to create conductive comunication with the people in the way it leads them to know about the current urban issues by making them visible, attainable and thinkable.




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