Place: Tokyo, Japan

Type/ Subject/ Tags: Design Week, Events, JapaneseW_A01

Photo by Taishi Hirokawa、Tomoki Hirokawa /Hair & Make by carrie HM 


Participating Architects:
Junya Ishigami / o+h (Maki Onishi + Yuki Hyakuda) / CAt – Coelacanth and Associates (Kazuhiro Kojima + Kazuko Akamatsu) / Kazuyo Sejima / Makoto Tanijiri / SANDWICH (KOHEI NAWA) / MOUNT FUJI ARCHITECTS STUDIO (Masahiro Harada + Mao) / Sou Fujimoto / Terunobu Fujimori / Akihisa Hirata / Riken Yamamoto


The architectural exhibition will feature the architectural models and proposals created by the 13 most renowned Japanese architects. It highlights behind-the-scenes of the projects. Visitors will witness the moments of the architects’ vast ideas getting consolidated onto the proposal and being visualized for the first time.


Related Exhibitions
In TOKYO DESIGNERS WEEK 2014, we present three special exhibitions related to Architecture.


①The “Architectural Model and Project Exhibition” by top Japanese architects

②”Super Material Exhibition” presenting the latest construction materials for future architecture

③”Super Renovation Exhibition” suggesting us new ideas in renovating our homes


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