‘ Urbanised’ High Line

Since this semester I am working on New York City for architectural desighn VII , two weeks ago we as a project class had an Conference with Richard Plunz -professor of Architecture, Planning and Preservation at Columbia University. He spoke about the practical problems of ‘High Line’. He told that; on the one hand  the High Line project is  admired by  the New Yorkers , because of its architectural values, its co-relation with different elevations etc.., but on the other hand this project also caused ‘gentrification problem’ for that area (Lower Manhattan). Nowadays it is a great problem for New Yorkers especially for the people who live in Manhattan to be able to achieve  affordable houses. At this point he also mentioned that after the construction of High Line the rents at this area increased extremely. E.g. for a very modest 60 sqm house $5000-10000 rent can be demanded at this area, which also causes the dwellers of this area with low income to move away from this district.


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