Things about the “High Line”

How “Friends Of The High Line” was created

Joshua David a author and Robert Hammond a artist met and discovered, their same concern to preserve the unused railroad structure which was  sentenced to be demolished after usage stopped 1980, at a community meeting 1999 (Pogrebin, 2009, para. 5)

On a community meeting discussing the destruction of the high line Joshua David and Robert Hammond got to know each other and to prevent this destruction Friends of the high line was created by them. (Harvey, 2012, para. 6)


How the “High Line” is chaning the neigboorhood.

                -how they are improving the neigborhood:

İn the area desining and building of about 30 developments is going on (Pogrebin, 2009, para. 9)

The Whitney Museum of American Art was conviced to construct a museum in the area of the newly created high line which chaged the souroundings to make it a significant hotspot. (TAYLOR, 2010, para 8)

                -how they have become examples for others:

Hoping to get new perspective planers from Hong Kong and Rotterdam came. Jerusalem othorities are looking forvard to come. Companies from singapoor visited the landscaped ways going from Gansevoort Street to West 20th Street. (TAYLOR, 2010, para. 7)

İn Philadelphia the reading viaduct is planed to be converted into an elevated park which is a very similar project to the high line. Before the highline opened the project had littel perspective as Ms. McEneaney explained,but the highline created a spark and helped to make convincing the city autority easier. (TAYLOR, 2010, para. 9-13)




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